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Compare 2 Mobile Phones or Compare 3 Mobile Phones (Maximum 3)

Select any brand name for example Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and then select model name like for example (For HTC : Desire V, For Sony : Neo V) and finally click on Compare button to get the comparison result.

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How to Use

This section to compare any mobile phones across India. Interface is pretty simple and easy to use.

On a single instance you can select 3 mobiles of 3 brands and get the comparison between three different mobiles of same brands or different brands depending on search selection.

Step 1 you need to choose a brand from section 1 and once you select brand then automatically below drop down will populate mobiles according to selected brand. Step 2 now you can choose any one mobile of a selected brand.

Now above mentioned steps you can repeat it for mobile section 2 and mobile section 3.

After choosing mobiles (Minimum choose 2 brand and 2 mobile) from section 1, section 2, section 3 then finally click on "compare now" button to get the full comparison list.

On our comparison page you will get the full details of compared mobiles with their mobile image snap, features, prices and specifications.

We regularly update our records, so get the complete information on 2019 new launch mobile phones in India.