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Sorry SMS

1 . I'm sorry to be smiling every time you're near. I'm sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you're here. I'm sorry that cupid has made his hit. I'm sorry I love you, I can't help it.
2 . SORRY Dont get confused, arey baba 'SORRY' means S - SOME O - ONE'S R - REALLY, R - REMEMBERING Y - YOU.
3 . I\'m so sorry dear,
I know i have hurt u,
I didn\'t mean that,
I knw u have big heart,
Plz forgive me,
Love u so much dear.
4 . I knw what i did is totally wrong,
Im very very stupid and foolish,
Im sorry 4 hurting u,
please dont get upset with me,
Plz forgive me dear.
5 . A Gud Apology has 3 Parts -
1) Im sorry,
2) Its my Fault,
3) How do I make it right? ,
well unfortunately, A Lot of people usually miss d 3rd part.
6 . Im sorry 4 blaming u,
4 evrything I just couldnt do,
And I have hurt myself by hurting u,
please dont get upset with me,
Plz forgive me dear.
7 . I knw i was wrong,
and rude that time,
But truly i didn\'t mean that,
Im sorry dear.
8 . Bahut aasan hai kisi ko hurt karna aur kehna,
Bahut muskil hota hai khud hurt hoke kehna,
Iam fine.
9 . Generally people say that,
In friendship or in a relationships,
\"No sorry\", \"No demands\", \"No Thank U\",
But in a reality is or truth is,
These words actually save the relationships and friendship.
10 . To maintain our relationships,
Sometimes we have to say \"SORRY\",
Its not just a \"SORRY\",
It is word which saves our relationships.
11 . When everything goes wrong,
When u dont no what to do,
Simply pray to god,
and tell ur dear ones \"IM SORRY\".
Plz forgive me dear.
12 . True Feeling,
U Smile with Tears in Eyes,
Pain in Heart,
When Ur Loved One Tells U Sorry After Hurting U,
Thats A Wonderful Feeling.
13 . Golden Words :
Agar \"Galthi Na hone Par,
Bhi Koi Aapko \"Sorry Kah de\",
Tho samaj lena woh aapse,
Zindagi bhar \"Rishtha\" rokna chatha hai.