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Romantic Kiss SMS

1 . Red lips are the girls beauty,
Red lips are the girls beauty,
To kiss those red lips is boys duty.
love u.
2 . Oh my dear with chubby cheeks,
Oh my dear with rosy lips,
Oh my dear with sweet smile,
Oh my dear kiss me, hug me.
3 . Every day i want to love u,
Every day i want to kiss u,
Every day i want to hug u,
Every day i will care for u,
Every day my luv will grow for u.
4 . Kissing of American Girl, feels so sweet,
Kissing of Australian gal, feels so hot,
Kissing of French gal, feels once more,
Kissing of Indian gal, feels life long.
5 . Allow me to Kiss on your rosy lips,
Allow me to love u,
Allow me to live with u,
Allow me to care u.
6 . Boy asked girl,
Wht is live ? Live is love,
Wht is love ? Love is kissing,
Wht is kiss ? keep it simple stupid.
7 . Life is nothing without love,
Love is full of emotion & drama,
Kiss is practical,
so dont get emotional & dramatic just b practical,
so stop loving and start kissing.
8 . One kiss to go to sleep,
Two kisses to dream about me,
And endless row of kisses when you wake up in the morning,
Love you my sweet heart..good morning.
9 . Kiss is purely organic and naturally sweet,
has no artificial ingredients and 100% pure,
Here\'s one for U,
Love u, enjoyed my kiss?
10 . Sardar 2 His Sardar Friend:
I Kiss My Wife Evrydy B4 I Go 2 Office N U?
Sardar Friend,
I Kiss Ur Wife Aftr U Go 2 Office,
Yesss, I kissed first.