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Missing You SMS

1 . Sometimes I forget 2 say hi,
sometimes I forget 2 reply,
sometimes my msg doesnt reach u,
but it doesnt mean I forget u.
Im just giving u time to Miss me.
2 . What makes some people dearer is not just the happiness that we feel
when we meet them but the emptiness
we feel when they are not around us. I Miss U!
3 . I am in casualty now,
dont say I didnt tell you.
After 5 minutes,
I will be transfered to ICU.
Doctor told,
I will die if I dont STOP..
Missing You
4 . My eyes are hurting coz
I cant see u,
my arms r empty coz I cant hold u,
my lips are cold coz I cant kiss u
And my heart is breaking coz Im not with u.
5 . I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh,
but I never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry.
Miss you.
6 . Missing U is not a game to play,
Missing U is not a word to say,
missing U does not start in April n end in May,
Missing U is tomorrow,
yesterday and today..
7 . Ever you Miss me never you Cry for a drop of tears in your eyes is a day less in my Life. Miss you so much.
8 . Whenevr I miss you, a star falls down, so if u look at the sky and find it dark, dont blame me its all ur mistake, U made me to miss U too much.
9 . Appse milne ka mann kar raha hai, mann ko samjaya to dil tadap raha hai, dil ko bataya to ankhe ro padi, aankho chup karaya to sanse bol padi "I MISS U"
10 . Yaad hum b apko karte hai, yaad aap b hume karte hai, fark itna hai k hum yaad aane par SMS karte hai, aur aap SMS aane par yaad karte hai.
11 . Socha na tha ek aisa bhi din ayega, k ek pyara sa dost hume bhul jayega, k hum ruke hai uske intezar mein, aur wow I MISS U, kehne bhi bul jayega.