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1 . Birds that live in lake will fly away,
when lake dries,
but D lotus that grows in D same lake will die with D lake.
So find out D lotus in your life not D bird.
2 . Na chahoo kisi ko itna ki,
chahat tumhari majboori ban jaye,
chahoo kisi ko itna tumhara pyaar uske liye zaroori ban jaye
3 . Buraai nazariyen mein hai,
Nazar mein nahi Khoobsurti hogi aap mein hum mein toh nahi,
iss nazar se nihaara hai aapko,
Waise kisi aur ko kabhi dekha hi nahi.
4 . Dur hokar bhi rishta nibhate ho
app na jane kyo dil ko lubhate ho
app ye kaisa karishma hai
app ka k har jagah ab nazar ate hai app..
5 . Anjan sathi ka dil ko intezar hai,
pyaasi hai yeh ankhe dil bekrar hai,
apka sath mil jaye toh har rah asan ho jaye shayad isi ehsaas ka naam pyaar hai.
6 . Take my eyes but let me see U. Take my mind but let me think about U. Take my hand but let me touch U. But if U want 2 take my heart, its already with U.
7 . Love is the medicine for any kind of wound. But there is no medicine found in the world for the wound created by Love.
8 . Love is not about how much U get but how mcuh u give, not abt giving up, but holding on, not abt how u say, I Love U but how u show it is true.
9 . Beauty does'nt make love but love makes beauty. Break everything but not a heart, the heart is like a music, play it but not play with it.
10 . Life spend with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless but a few moments spent with someone who really LOVE U means more than life itself.
11 . A kiss is just a kiss till u find the 1 u love. A hug is just a hug till u find the 1 ur always thinkin of. A dream is just a dream till it comes true. Love was just a word till i heard it from U...I LOVE U..
12 . Kisi Paagal Aashiq Ki Chahat Ho Tum, Kisi Dhadakte Dil Ki Dhadkan Ho Tum, Do Pal Naa Dekhoo To Chain Naa Aaye, Khuda Ki Banayi Kuch Aisi Qayamat Ho Tum.
13 . Its not abt how much U Love In d Beginning,
Its abt how much U Love till d end,
Life with Love is most wonderful and beautiful.
14 . Real Love Is Not Based On Romance,
Candle Light Dinner And ,
Walks Along The Beach,
In Fact, It Is Based On
Understanding Feelings, Care, Trust,Respect and Compromise.
Love You
15 . If You Love Someone,
Give dem d Option To Leave,
But Never Give Them A Reason To Leave,
Its About How Much You Love Till The End
16 . Hold Me ,
Like I M The Last Person ,
You Want In Your Arms . . . ,

Kiss Me,,
Like Its Gonna Be The Last ,
Kiss You Ever Going To Taste ,

Hug Me ,
Like You Want Me Forever ,

But Most Of All Love Me ,
Like I M The One You Always Dreamed For ,
Love You Dear
17 . A Quote By A Guy For His Girl Friend:

I Dont Love Or Propose Who Ever I See ,
Because I Am The Gifted IDIOT
To My Beautiful Queen
18 . Hate Means :
H-Happy to be with u,
A-Always looking for u,
T-thinking of u,
E-Every day I miss u and remember u.