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Friendship SMS

1 . Khuda ki rahemat sare sansar par barse,
Mere hisse ki rahmat mere yaar par barse,
Ae khuda mujhe kar dena pani,
Agar mera yaar kabhi pyaas se tarse.
2 . How can U tell the rain not 2 fall
when clouds exist?

How can U tell the leaves not 2 fall
when wind exist?
How can U tell me not 2 fall in friendship when U exist.
3 . Agar Itni Pyari Soch Tumhari Na Hoti,
Mulaqat yu Tumse Hamari Na Hoti,
Tadapte Rehte Sache Dost Ke Liye Agar Dosti Tumse Hamari Na Hoti...
Yeh Dosti Mubarak Ho...
4 . If i get your smile,
i dont need flowers,
if i get ur voice,
i dont need music,
if u speak to me,
i dont need anybody else.
If U r my Friend,
i dont need the world.
5 . Someone wrote on the door of heart-
Please do not enter Iam upset
..Friends came smiling and said: Sorry we are illiterate
Happy Friendship Day...
6 . 1 stone is enuf to break a glass,
1 sentence is enuf to break a heart.
1 second is enuf to fall in love
and 1 friend like U is enuf to live all my life.
7 . A rose exclusively for a nice person like u from a ever nice person like me, keep the rose until it's dry, keep my friendship until i die.
8 . Fish Travel in the SEA,
bird travel in the Air,
Stars travel in the sky,
but my dear friend \"You\" travel in my heart as a Friend...
Happy Friendship Day...
9 . The Rain May Be Falling Hard Outside,
But Your Smile Makes It All Alright.
I Am So Glad That You Are My Friend.
I Know Our Friendship Will Never...
Happy Friendship Day..
10 . Dost Ki Kami Mehsoos Hoti hai,
EK haseen suhane pal ki kami mehsoos hoti hai,
jab tu sath ho har khushi mehsoos hoti hai,
meri thami hui saans bi puri hoti hai,
Happy Friendship Day...
11 . I always thought loving some 1 was the greatest feeling,
but I realized tat loving a friend is even better,
we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.