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Its Time to Celebrate 2012 Christmas Festival - Holiday Season

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  • Dec 23rd, 2012
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About Christmas Festival

On 25th December 2012, a Day to remember, a Day to be happy, a Day to praise, a Day to dance, a Day to sing, a Day of blessing, a Day of GOD, a day of Lord  Jesus Christ birth who came to this world for us.

Christmas is a celebration in a view of the birth of Jesus Christ who was born of the virgin mother Mary. It is a season of hope, peace and happiness that the Savior Jesus Christ was born to save the world. Christmas is the biggest festival around the whole world and celebrated across all the countries. Everybody in every part of country happily celebrates and enjoys Christmas as their own festival as we see many things happen with lot of excitement and enjoyment.

Christmas is always celebrated in 25th of December of every year and there is no change at any time, however Bible does not specify the birth date or month of Jesus it is the Church which has announced the December 25th birth of Jesus Christ in remembrance and celebration of this great moment.

Also we come very nearer and closer to New Year which brings lot of hope and happiness that coming New Year will be much better than current year and thus Christmas and New Year are celebrated together.

Activities Happening in Christmas Season:


> We can see many school, colleges, corporate offices, churches, many places around the streets and houses are been decorated with Christmas Trees with lights, bells, candy canes, and ornaments all surrounded by candles.

> People also create a Christmas Crib which is one of the most interesting activities as it represents the birth of Jesus place. Joseph the father and Mary the mother of Jesus were in Bethlehem town in Juadea were Jesus was born, his parents wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in manger as there was no place for them so they stayed outside of hotel.

> Crib is nothing but the place where Jesus was born in barn laid in manger, surrounded by animals, trees, his parents and some people who came to see Jesus.


> Gift giving, Greeting Cards been distributed.

> Sweet Distribution most of the sweets in Christmas seasons are Christmas cake, kulkul, Snowballs, Marzipan, Jujups.

> Church services, family, relatives and social gathering to celebrate the enjoyment.

Musics and Carols:

Christmas Music’s and Carols are played in Christmas season. Carol is traditional Christmas song or hymn which is sung only in the period of Christmas.

Santa Claus:

Most exciting character of this season, yes Santa Claus is the fat, jolly person having white long beard, red cap and red suit carrying gifts, chocolates for the children’s.

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year 2013





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merry Christmas

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