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Diwali Festival in India 2012

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  • Nov 10th, 2012
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Diwali or Deepavali or Divali is a Festival of lights.Diwali is one of the biggest festival for Hindus, celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness mostly celebrated in India.
The festival is celebrated for five continuous days, where the third day is celebrated as the main Diwali festival.On third day of Diwali festival hindus worship goddess maa Lakshmi (Lakshmi Puja).

It is not only important festival for Hindus but also for Jainism and Sikhism.Diwali festival normally occurs between mid of October and November.

Deepavali is associated with the triumph of good over evil Diwali symbolizes the triumph of virtue. This festival commemorates Lord Rama's come back to his kingdom Ayodhya after completing his 14-year exile along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after killing the demon King Ravana.Bursting different fire crackers, making rangoli form an important part of the Diwali festivities and it's a unique way to express one's happiness and joy.

On this auspicious day, people makes rangoli and light's up with diyas all around their house.They exchange gifts,share sweets with their family, friends and relatives and wear new clothes or dress.

Five Important Days of Diwali Festival in 2012

1. Dhanteras - Sunday, 11th November 2012.
2. Naraka Chaturdashi - Monday, 12th November 2012.
3. Lakshmi Puja (Diwali Festival) - Tuesday, 13th November 2012.
4. Govardhan Puja - Wednesday, 14th November 2012.
5. Bhaiduj or Bhai Dooj - Thursday 15th November 2012.

Dhanteras in 2012 will be celebrated on Sunday, 11th November 2012.

On Dhanteras the Goddess of wealth(maa Lakhsmi )is worshiped to provide wealth,prosperity and well being.Dhan stands for "wealth" and "Teras" refers to the 13th day.
It is propitious day for buying utensils and gold.

Naraka Chaturdashi in 2012 will be celebrated on Monday, 12th November 2012.

Naraka Chaturdashi is a festival, which falls on the second day of the festival of Diwali also called as Chotti Deepavali.
Naraka Chaturdashi is the 14th day on which the demon Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna.It is also known as Naraka Pooja,Roop Chaturdashi or Narak Chaturdashi.It is believed that on this day Lord Yamraj is been worshipped .

Lakshmi Puja or Diwali Festival in 2012 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 13th November 2012.

Lakshmi Puja is an important ritual during Diwali or Deepavali.Maa Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth ) is worshiped to provide wealth,prosperity and well being.

Important Items Needed While Performing Lakshmi Puja

Kalash with water inside and Coconut on Top of Kalash
Mango leaves across coconut on top of kalash
Idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi
Milk, curd, honey, ghee
Puffed rice
Coriander seeds
Cumin seeds
Diyas to light up
Flowers to offer

Govardhan Puja in 2012 will be celebrated on Wednesday, 14th November 2012.

Govardhan Puja is an extensively celebrated festival in North India to worship the Govardhan Parbat.Govardhan puja is celebrated on the day after Deepawali.
The festival observes the incidence of lifting of the mountain by Lord Krishna on his little finger.This festival is in commemoration of the lifting of Mount Govardhan by Lord Krishna.

Bhaiduj or Bhai Dooj in 2012 will be celebrated on Thursday 15th November 2012.

Bhai Dooj celebration marks the fifth and final day of Diwali Festival.
On this day brothers and sisters renew the bond of love shared between them. Sister's apply sacred red tilak on their brother's forehead and pray for their long life.
Brothers reciprocate by blessing their sisters and indulging them with Bhai Dooj Gifts of love.

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